Navigate Change with Confidence Workshop


Navigate Change with Confidence is a heartfelt guidebook written by Johanita Thwaits, a mother to her teenage daughter named NiRita.

The course will provide essential guidelines, titbits for decision-making and a reminder of how loved NiRita is.  In fact – how loved ALL our children are.

2 days will touch on all the aspects of confidence with navigating life.  You will walk away knowing your values, your strengths, your personality type and also how that influence your way of interacting with others.

A really reflective and insightful session


In Navigate Change with Confidence, I wrote a book for my daughter as she was about to embark on an American exchange program. The book serves as a guide to help her navigate the changes she will encounter during her time in America. I share my personal insights and offer advice on how to adapt to new cultures, build relationships, and manage emotions.

The course now includes practical tips on communication, organization, and goal-setting, empowering my daughter to approach her exchange program with confidence and resilience. It serves as a heartfelt and inspiring read for anyone going through a period of change and transition.

** As it happened in life – the exchange programme opportunity did not materialise and NiRita had to use some of these guidelines to navigate through the disappointment of that.

2 reviews for Navigate Change with Confidence Workshop

  1. Johanita Thwaits

    What a lovely lovely journey book. I am also walking such a deeper journey with my daughter now. It’s very healing 🥰 – Alison Weihe

  2. Johanita Thwaits

    Love this!❤️will definitely download it 👌 – Seline Kruger

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