Public Speaking
Learner Programme
For High School Learners

Teneo School


This course has been specifically designed for the students and family of TENEO Online School in collaboration with Valunett Global and endorsed by Professional Speaker Association of Southern Africa.

Unlock Your Public Speaking Potential & Gain Confidence!

NiRita Excitement

Are you a learner in grades 8 -12 who wants to improve your public speaking ability? 

Do you dread having to deliver your oral in front of the class?

Do you struggle to communicate your ideas persuasively from a stage or platform? 

We’ve got the solution for you with our Learner Public Speaking Programme!

Our programme is designed to teach you the art of persuasive communication and help you build confidence on stage. Here’s how we can help:

Features and Benefits:

  1. 12 Speaker Competencies covered in our lesson plan
  2. Online learning for convenience and accessibility
  3. Introduction, learning, and mastery of public speaking skills 
  4. Builds and Improves Confidence
  5. Develops Leadership Qualities
  6. Enhances Academic Performance
  7. Helps to express thoughts, ideas and feelings
  8. Preparation for a better future

Glossophobia – the fear of speaking in public – is a very common phobia, one that is believed to affect up to 76% of the human population. Yes, approximately 76% of us have fears and anxiety towards presenting or speaking in public, presenting online, or facilitating a meeting. According to Forbes Magazine, the number one fear for the average person is that of public speaking. The second fear is death… So maybe you feel more relieved now, knowing that most people would rather die than give a presentation in front of a crowd…

That’s why mastering the art of public speaking should be taught to all children. In fact, child psychology experts say that it is essential for children to be encouraged and given opportunities to practice public speaking from a young age. And when granted those opportunities, learners will gain more social awareness, a sense of responsibility and accountability, organizational skills, and more. 

It may seem difficult at first, but the benefits of this programme far outweigh the efforts. Continued effort and practice of public speaking skills for learners will boost their confidence and help them achieve more in life. And we are sure your friends, family, teachers and parents will notice a big difference, too!

Program components

The 6 month programme has the following components

  • Pre-recorded video sessions and notes covering the curriculum are below.
  • Monthly online group sessions where students can ask questions and can demonstrate or experiment with some of the techniques.
  • One-on-one coaching sessions are available at an additional fee.
  • Included in this program would be an internal competition for practice and excitement.
  • Feedback will be given to all students participating in the live sessions and the competition.
  • After the competition, a Showcase session will be available for all students who want to share their short speech, in front of an invited virtual audience.
  • Winners of the competition will be given a complimentary profile on the Red Jacket Speaker Bureau site.
  • 25% Discount when using the TENEO Code for any Valunett Global Course offered on the LMS (T’s&C’s apply)

Public Speaking Curriculum

  1. Introduction of course, presenters and students
  2. The Art of Speaking: Including history, styles, opportunities and international landscape
  3. Know your Strengths: Experience, voice, tone, expression etc
  4. Stage Craft: Presentation, Emotions, Stage and Screen skills
  5. Speech Structure: Types of speeches as well as different speaking modalities
  6. Content Structure: Psychology of a Speech
  7. Persuasion: Psychology of a Story and Rhetorical Devices
  8. Delivery: Volume, Pace, Gestures, Practice, Finding your unique style
  9. Rules and Regulations: Competition Time
  10. Preparation for Competition
  11. Putting it all together
  12. Showcase

Meeting Dates

Initial Course work will be pre-recorded videos available on the ValuNETT Global Learner Management Site.


Regular online meetings, via Zoom, will be scheduled and the dates will be published inside the LMS Student Portal.


The Speaker Competition and Showcase will be held via Zoom and dates will be published ahead of time. Family and Friends may attend the Competition and Showcase events.

The Winner of the Learner Public Speaking Competition will be invited to showcase their winning speech at the Youth Chapter Showcase of the Professional Speaker Association of Southern Africa event in December of each year.


The Presenters

Johanita Thwaits is the Virtual Chapter President for the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa (PSASA), as well as Champion Coach of the PSASA Launch Speaker Class which is designed to get new speakers launched with their speaking career and speaking businesses. These classes were so successful that Johanita now presents it, not only for members across Africa, but also for other associations’ members based in India, Malaysia and Bangladesh.


Learn more about Johanita on LinkedIn here.

Charlotte Kemp presenter

Charlotte Kemp is the President Elect of the Global Speakers Federation (GSF), a world-wide body whose members are the national and regional professional speaking bodies around the world. In this role Charlotte has access to speakers, speaking styles and experiences in all the diverse cultures of our world. Charlotte is a Past President of the PSASA. Charlotte is also the Chief Relationship Officer of Voices Into Africa, a speaker and events company that helps to raise the profile of speakers in Africa.

Learn more about Charlotte on LinkedIn here.

The Fees and Sign up

Use this form to sign up to the Student Public Speaker Launch Programme.

  • R1,550 per student per term (This is a 2 term programme)
  • R395 per private session (perfect for competition preparation)

These fees are payable in advance via the online payment system.

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