Independent Skills Consultants

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The Value Add of Independent Skills Consultants


We have specialised knowledge and expertise gained through years of experience and training.

This expertise is not always available in-house and can be a valuable resource for clients.


We offer a level of flexibility that in-house managers may not be able to provide.

We can work on short-term projects, be available on an as-needed basis, and tailor their services to meet the unique needs of each client.


We provide an objective perspective, free from internal biases or politics.


This can lead to more effective solutions and better outcomes.




In-house training managers require a salary, benefits, and other overhead costs, which can be expensive for companies.
Independent consultants are more cost-effective and charge only for the services they provide.




We often have a broad network of contacts within their industry, which can be beneficial to clients who want to connect with other professionals or gain access to additional resources.